Reduce loneliness,
augment staff and

Across the US, state and county aging associations are bringing ElliQ to the older adults they serve. Adding ElliQ as a digital endpoint increases overall engagement, promotes and connects clients to available resources, and enables staff to remotely check in and communicate more easily and consistently. 


Reduce effects of social isolation

ElliQ is a conversational companion that keeps clients stimulated and engaged throughout the day 

Simple video calling and messages encourages individuals to stay connected to loved ones

Improve overall health and wellbeing

ElliQ motivates users to adopt healthy habits like exercise, staying hydrated, offering nutrition tips, and more 

Set medication reminders and prompt clients to report metrics like blood pressure, glucose, mood, sleep, and more!

Set thresholds and notify a staff member or primary contact when there has been a change in condition

Provide ongoing support

Case managers can easily contact or check in on clients with the ElliQ Connect mobile application 

Promote programming and services, such as meal deliveries, transportation, and upcoming events

Measure engagement and impact

Collect ongoing data and metrics with ElliQ to demonstrate impact 

Administer and collect responses from surveys more simply and efficiently

Getting started as a partner

Engaging Older Adults Effectively & Consistently

ElliQ proactively initiates conversation and suggests activities throughout the day. Thanks to the user-friendly design, older adults are engaging with this technology at unprecedented rates. In fact, the average ElliQ user:

Plays cognitive games
3x per week

Works out with ElliQ’s exercise videos twice a week

Has added 2 contacts to their ElliQ to easily communicate with

Interacts with ElliQ an average of 21 times per day

Spends 23 minutes with ElliQ per day

Making a measurable impact…
of users report decreased loneliness
of users report an increased sense of companionship
of users say ElliQ makes them feel better
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