Area Agencies
on Aging

The Older American Act (OAA)

As we all know, there are an unprecedented number of older adults - with more healthcare needs than ever - with fewer and further family members to provide support and caregiving resources that they need.

Policymakers, on the state, federal, and local level, have a unique opportunity to provide programs and services to the seniors that need them the most. The Older American Act (OAA) created the National Aging Network to promote the well-being of older individuals by providing services and programs designed to help them live independently in their homes and communities.

Companionship, support and connection.

The case managers, social workers, and staff members that work with older adults every day are on the front lines - identifying needs, finding solutions, and connecting the dots to ensure that elders in their community have access to the services they need.

ElliQ is a tool that can augment their efforts and improve efficiency, while effectively engaging your older adult clients. With a variety of companionship, health & wellness, communication, and assistive features, ElliQ was designed to help individuals who are homebound or isolated get (or stay!) engaged and connected to their community.

A friendly presence

We don’t have to tell you how heartbreaking it is when older adults don’t have the level of companionship that they crave. For those that spend most of their day alone, ElliQ offers a sense of acknowledgement, small talk throughout the day, and more

Daily check-ins

ElliQ consistently monitors general feeling, mood, health measures, and more - and with the user’s consent, can alert case managers with notifications if there are changes in behavior or concerning health issues.


After years of working with seniors ourselves, we know it’s difficult to reach them via phone and email. ElliQ offers seamless messaging so you can communicate important messages to clients - and clients are able to use the same easy features to stay connected to you and their loved ones.

Access to services

ElliQ can assist with coordinating transportation and deliveries - and we’ll work with your organization to customize these offerings based on the services in your specific community.

Getting started as a partner

If you’re interested in learning more about a potential partnership with ElliQ, be sure to fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.