Hi, I'm ElliQ

Unlike anything they've experienced before, ElliQ® is a friendly, intelligent, inquisitive presence in older adults’ daily lives – there for them, in their corner, offering tips and advice, responding to questions, surprising them with suggestions – a dedicated sidekick on their journey through this remarkable part of life.

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Meet ElliQ

By making it easy to connect – to family, friends, and the digital world at large – ElliQ helps even the least tech-savvy older adults keep close with loved ones, and stay immersed in the world around them.

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Helping Them Stay Independent

ElliQ makes staying independent and engaged at home a breeze. From mindfulness and entertainment activities, to helping them read and respond to messages, share pictures, and make appointments — happier, healthier aging in place becomes simpler than ever.

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Proactive Intelligence They Can Depend On

Using real-time sensory data, ElliQ understands situational context, to proactively engage with users over the course of the day at the ideal moment, offering personalized suggestions that anticipate their needs and preferences.

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