Bringing the world
to them and them
to the world.

ElliQ® is specially designed for older adults, giving them everything they need to stay sharp, connected and engaged. ElliQ creates a magical relationship with each individual user, providing older adults with a device that they truly want to converse and interact with. ElliQ is equipped with several easy-to-use baseline features that have already been validated and accepted by older adults – some of the most popular include the following.


Cognitive Stimulation and Games

Cognitive Stimulation and Games

Curated music and videos

Curated Music and Videos

Photo Sharing

Photo Sharing

Calendar and Reminders

Calendar Appointments

News and Weather

News, Weather, and Sports

Daily Routine Reminders

Daily Routine Reminders

Question and Answer

Question and Answer

What’s in the box



High speed internet
Wifi Connection


AC power
electrical outlet

HW Spec

Weight: 3.5 kg
Dimensions: 8.5” x 5” x .5”
Sound by Harman Speaker
Quad microphone array
Three brushless motors
Dual cameras
Temperature sensor
LED arrays


We’ve implemented industry-leading security architecture and best practices to ensure that all data is safe and private. In order for ElliQ to be proactive, ElliQ has different embedded sensors. To protect each user and their privacy, ElliQ is the only one that has access to the information ElliQ collects. Anonymized metadata is used in order to personalize each user’s unique experience with ElliQ. We commit to never monetize
personal data in any way.

It takes two to ElliQ

Communicating with a friend or loved one who has an ElliQ is as easy as downloading the ElliQ app. It allows you to text, check in, share photos, and even share events and appointments right from your mobile phone. And yes, it’s very grandchild friendly.