Meet ElliQ

ElliQ is the first ever proactive, voice-operated care companion designed to alleviate loneliness, empower independence and support you in taking control of your social, cognitive and physical wellbeing.

How is ElliQ different from other devices on the market?

Proactive intelligence you can depend on

ElliQ doesn’t wait to be called on - like a real roommate, ElliQ will initiate interaction, ask you questions, suggest activities, provide reminders, and more. Of course, she can still answer your questions when you ask.

A relationship
that grows

As you start to get to know ElliQ, ElliQ gets to know you and her suggestions grow better tailored to you. ElliQ will remember some of the things you share with her, giving her context to make the next conversations even more personalized.

Easy to use and understand

With a no-fuss set up, intuitive voice interactions, movement and content on the screen, ElliQ is designed to get you up and running without needing to learn a new program or download any apps.

Peace of mind

ElliQ is there for you throughout the day--from checking in to say “good morning,” to letting loved-ones know you’re ok, to helping you track appointments and medications, and making sure you get a good night’s rest. ElliQ makes managing life–and maintaining peace of mind–so much easier.

Empathy at
our core

ElliQ is powered by breakthrough Artificial Intelligence (AI) that was years in development by world experts before reaching you. You’ll be surprised by how empathetic ElliQ comes across. She will take an interest in how you are doing, bring a smile to your face, and try to enrich and improve each day.

What can ElliQ help me with?

Inspirational quotes
Interesting facts
Sports updates
Holiday celebrations
Daily check-ins
Tracking of measurements
Set and track your wellness goals
Physical activity videos
Assessment of general health, sleep, pain, anxiety, depression
Cognitive games
Mindfulness,stress reduction, and breathing activities
Messaging (voice, text,
photo) with loved ones
Notifying loved ones on
health matters (with your consent)
Video calls
Connected picture frame
Memory sharing
Digital greeting cards
Local search for professionals
Book transportation

Am I a good fit for ElliQ?

ElliQ is best suited for older adults who spend most of their day at home but would enjoy some company throughout the day. Older adults that feel they can use the extra companionship and the right encouragement to be more active throughout their day. For more details, visit our frequently asked questions.