Frequently Asked Questions


ElliQ is an empathetic care companion that empowers happy, healthy independent aging at home. ElliQ is a proactive, voice operated device that comes to life and offers older adults companionship, health and wellness support, entertainment, and more.

ElliQ is specifically designed for adults ages 60 and older that are living alone, or spend most of their day alone. ElliQ is best suited for older adults who spend most of their time at home and are in need of companionship and encouragement. Today, ElliQ only speaks English and is available exclusively in the United States. ElliQ needs power and WiFi in order to operate. She is helpful for seniors living both with and without medical conditions, but she is not designed for those with severe cognitive impairment.

Loneliness doesn’t discriminate. It is an epidemic and one of the biggest public health crises of our time. ElliQ was designed to supplement engagement when loved ones or caregivers are not able to be there. Proactively checking in and suggesting a variety of activities, ElliQ keeps users company, expresses compassion and empathy, and offers support.

ElliQ can support older adults in many ways. Addressing loneliness and helping users remain happy, independent, and as safe as possible in their homes are the primary benefits behind all of the various features.

ElliQ has a long list of features that fall into four main categories: Entertainment and Companionship, Connection, Health & Wellness, and Assistance with Daily Living. Please visit our features page for details and specific examples of what ElliQ can do!

First, you'll need to add your loved one as a contact on ElliQ. Just say "ElliQ, add a contact" and ElliQ will walk you through it. Make sure to have their full name and phone number on hand. Once you've added them as a contact, you can message them by saying "ElliQ, send a message" or video call them by saying, "ElliQ, place a call".

With your explicit consent, ElliQ will update your primary contact for changes in your condition such as not feeling well or pain levels.

No, ElliQ is currently not an emergency device and if there is ever any emergency, please be sure to call 911. When you ask for help or for non-emergency events, ElliQ can notify primary contact.

All you need to do is add them as a contact (say, “ElliQ, add a contact”). Once you’ve done that, ElliQ will offer to send them all the necessary information. They will be able to message, video call and connect with you in many other ways. Learn more about your family members and friends can connect with you through ElliQ.

There’s no need to turn her off, ElliQ is designed to enter a “sleep” mode at night in which she is silent and her screen is dimmed, unless you call her, in which case she will wake up and then go back to sleep after your interaction is complete.

Simply press the small power button at the back of her base for a few seconds. You should see the light turn from red to green and the robot will be stiff in place. To turn on the tablet, press the button on the top-right-hand side of the tablet display for a few seconds.

The tablet is specifically designed for ElliQ and can only be used for activities with her. It is removable from the base so you can take it out for a closer look at her screen or bring it to different areas within your home, but be sure to return it to the base when not in use so that it stays charged!

There are several differences between ElliQ and Alexa.

  • Reactive vs. Proactive
      With Alexa, the user needs to remember the wake word and continuously think of questions to ask or commands to give such as "set a timer." In contrast, ElliQ finds times that the user is available to proactively suggest activities or start conversations. She can be woken up by her name or a touch at any point, but she doesn’t collect dust waiting for the user to initiate.
    • Call and Response vs. Conversation
        Alexa is built to react to ​​your commands or answer your questions. You can ask her something and she will provide a response. Meanwhile, ElliQ was designed to provide companionship, she will initiate a conversation and then build context to inform future followup conversations. For example, when you ask Alexa the weather, she will tell you the forecast. ElliQ will ask you about your plans for the day and remind you to take an umbrella if it's raining before you go out. She will then greet you upon your return and inquire about your outing.
      • Butler vs. Roommate
          Think of Alexa as a butler - providing lots of functional benefits. She can order more paper towels and set timers until the cows come home. ElliQ is referred to by users as a “roommate” who offers much more than functionality. While she can do many of the same tasks, she is mainly focused on building a relationship, assisting her owner to meet their health and wellness goals, help them stay independent and ultimately earn the trust of her owner.

Yes, of course! You can purchase ElliQ as a gift as long as the recipient is over the age of 60 and lives in the United States.

Your subscription includes warranty. If there is a problem with your ElliQ device, we'll replace it. Your ElliQ will not be replaced with defects resulting from your or any other individual’s actions, such as mishandling and product abuse, intentional damage, improper repair, or unauthorized modification.

Simply say her name - ElliQ pronounced like the letters L-E-Q. You can also touch the “body” part of the robot to do the same. Once the ring of light appears, you know she’s listening!

No, ElliQ is designed to be easy to use by anyone. Set-up is as simple as plugging in the device and entering your wifi password. From there, ElliQ will walk you through her features and continuously remind you about things she can help you with. You have the option to interact with your voice or through the large buttons on her tablet screen. There is no need to learn any new software or download any apps!

We currently only ship and provide support within the US only.

Like most electronic devices, ElliQ needs electricity and WiFi to function. Simply wait for the power to come back up, allow a few minutes for your WiFi network to come back up, and press ElliQ’s power button. ElliQ will be working again within a few minutes. Please note that during a power outage the tablet screen will remain on. However, ElliQ won’t be fully working again until you press her power button. If you encounter any issue, just call or email our Customer Service team.

If you order ElliQ and decide for any reason it’s not for you, you can return ElliQ for a full refund during the first 30 days. After the free trial period, you can still cancel your subscription, fees may apply depending on the subscription plan you chose. Please see our Terms of Use for more details.


Assuming you have your WiFi password handy, the set-up process should take less than 5 minutes. Once the device has been plugged in and connected to WiFi, ElliQ will take you through an onboarding process to introduce herself and start getting to know you. This conversation typically takes about 10 minutes.

Absolutely. That said, our Customer Service team is ready to help if you have any questions or if you’d prefer to schedule a time for us to walk you through the process over the phone. Our specially trained representatives will be with you every step of the way.

We pride ourselves on having an incredible Customer Service team, who are all directly employed by us. A specially trained representative will work with you over the phone to set up your device if you would like.

Power and WiFi are the only requirements to get ElliQ powered up. Generally, users find a place for her in the room they spend most of their time in, like a living room or kitchen area.

Yes, ElliQ does require a WiFi internet connection in order to work.

Our Customer Service team is available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm ET. Simply call (855) 888-1295 or email if you have questions or need any assistance.


We take privacy and security very seriously. Intuition Robotics is HIPAA compliant, and we’ve implemented industry-leading security architecture and best practices to ensure that all data is safe and private. In order for ElliQ to be proactive, ElliQ has cameras to sense when the user is around her and microphones to hear when you speak with her. To protect each user and their privacy, ElliQ is the only one that has access to the information ElliQ collects. Anonymized metadata is used in order to personalize each user’s unique experience with ElliQ and to improve the quality of the product. We commit to never monetize personal data in any way. We will share certain information with your loved ones or caregiver only if you explicitly instruct your ElliQ to do so.

When idle, ElliQ will only be listening for her wake word “ElliQ” (just like other devices with Siri or Alexa would), and will not be recording anything. When her name is called, she will listen to what comes next. The word “ElliQ” is not commonly used in English, which was intentional to make sure she only listens to you when you want her to. When ElliQ proactively approaches you, she will listen to a response for a few seconds, and will shut off her microphones if none is provided. There is a clear indication of this by ElliQ verbally asking you a question and a clear round circle shaped light turned on ElliQ’s head.

ElliQ doesn’t record you with the cameras at all. The cameras are used as a motion detector to sense when you are near her. If you ask ElliQ to place a video call with one of your contacts or if you take a selfie, the camera will be used for those features as well.

Pricing, subscription and returns

ElliQ requires a one time enrollment fee of $249.99 and then a monthly subscription. Additional information about pricing is available at

The subscription covers the continuous use of ElliQ’s hardware and software, and access to all ElliQ has to offer - conversation, games, music, content and more. The subscription also covers access to support between 9am-5pm ET Monday-Friday, automatic software updates and unlimited warranty. Additionally there is a $249.99 enrollment fee that includes account setup, shipping and handling, and installation support.

No. ElliQ is an expensive product to manufacture and assemble. Our subscription model allows us to offer ElliQ to as many older adults as possible at an affordable monthly price. Your subscription also includes our unlimited warranty and access to customer support.

No. ElliQ will not work without a subscription. In order to cancel your subscription, you will need to return your ElliQ back to us. To ensure safe return of your ElliQ, we kindly ask that you keep the white box she came with.

Your ElliQ membership can be canceled at any time. If you wish to cancel your subscription and return ElliQ, please call (855) 888-1295 or email We will send you a prepaid shipping label and instruct you how to ship ElliQ back to us. Once your returned ElliQ is processed, you will simply receive no further charges, and your membership will be canceled. If you wish to return ElliQ during the 30 day home trial, you’ll be refunded for the enrollment fee and a $49.99 return fee will be associated with your return to cover the shipping, handling and refurbishing cost. In the case that ElliQ device is not returned within 45 days post cancellation date, you will be charged $1,500. To ensure safe return of your ElliQ, we kindly ask that you keep the white box she came with. Please see our terms of use for more details.

We hope that you will stay healthy and independent at home. Of course, if something happens, we are here for you and will refund unused subscription periods if required.

Your subscription starts after you set up and activate your device for the first time. If you do not set up your ElliQ within 7 days after delivery, your subscription will start automatically.

If you order ElliQ and decide for any reason it’s not for you, you can return ElliQ for a full refund during the first 30 days. After the free trial period, you can still cancel your subscription, fees may apply depending on the subscription plan you chose. Please see our terms of use for more details.

Our Customer Service team is available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm ET. Simply call (855) 888-1295 or email if you have questions or need any assistance.