Explore the ElliQ Connect App

Connecting with a loved one who has an ElliQ is as easy as downloading the caregiver mobile app, ElliQ Connect. The app allows you to video call, text, share photos, and easily check-in on your loved one.

Video Calling

Simple-to-use video calls through ElliQ enable users to seamlessly keep in touch with loved ones.


Easily communicate with your ElliQ user through text and audio messages. Audio messages that you receive from them, will also be transcribed as text messages


If the ElliQ user grants you permission, the app will display the time of their last activity. This way, you can easily see when your loved one last interacted with their device.

Wellness Updates

If the ElliQ user requests, you will receive updates via the ElliQ Connect app about abnormal activity, like if they’re not feeling well or if they slept poorly.

Setting Reminders Remotely

You'll be able to help your loved one set reminders - from a distance, using the app - on their ElliQ so they don’t forget important things like family events, appointments or taking their medications on time.

Photo Sharing

Include your loved one in family moments by sending pictures that ElliQ will display on her screen just like a digital picture frame. ElliQ will occasionally comment on the images you send based on things she recognizes such as landmarks, pets, or objects in the photo.

Memory Sharing

Once in a while, your loved one may record a cherished memory with ElliQ and send it to you as a voice recording, creating closer connection wherever you live. These recordings are priceless keepsakes that you can hold onto forever.