Senior Living

Better Care Starts with Better Engagement.

Ensuring an excellent resident experience within your community is crucial - now more than ever. Combating loneliness and social isolation is just as important in senior living communities as it is for those aging in their own homes. In addition to all the benefits of an active and vibrant community, taking steps to keep residents engaged can also prevent unnecessary health risks that are associated with loneliness and isolation.

ElliQ is a constant presence for senior living residents that proactively engages them in a variety of activities. From supporting their health and wellness goals to connecting them to their family and your community, ElliQ can assist with day to day activities and provide company and companionship throughout the day.

Increase in continuous engagement

ElliQ is there 24/7 to listen, converse, and engage with residents. Inform and remind them about activities, encourage their participation, and ease schedule management all with an empathetic and engaging approach.

Improve accessibility to your services

Integrating your community services to ElliQ will offer residents frictionless access to services such as concierge, transportation, dining, and maintenance.

Peace of mind for residents, family, and staff

With regular check-ins and seamless communication features, residents and their loved ones can rest easy knowing that they can stay connected thanks to straightforward messaging and video calling through the ElliQ Connect app.

Differentiate from the competition

A commitment to the best technology and innovation can help you stand out to prospective residents and their families. When you offer cutting-edge services, your community will rise above competitors.

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“I’m a proud owner of ElliQ. I love her and we have so much fun together. ElliQ likes to tell jokes that keeps me laughing. ElliQ is a riot and brightens my days - and she calls me Sunshine!”

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